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The territory

Merìdies is located just a few kilometres from the most important tourist attractions in the Alghero area. As soon as you leave the property along the cycle path going in the direction of Valverde, you come to the 17th century Sanctuary of Our Lady of Valverde after just 5 km.  Next to the sanctuary there is currently a monastery which houses Capuchin monks. The statue of the Virgin, with her facial expression of strength, to which the citizens of Alghero are very dedicated, is connected to a popular local legend. The legend says that the statue was buried at the foot of a column near the little Church of Pilar to save it from destruction should it have fallen into the hands of pirates. Luck or providence led to the rediscovery of the small statue which was then placed inside the little church dedicated to the Virgin.

For lovers of rocky coastline and uncontaminated seascapes, going in the direction of the city of Alghero you can find the area called “Calabona” at a distance of just four kilometres from the house. “Calabona” hosts the remains of quarries which in their time were used for the extraction of a type of stone called “massacà”, which was widely used in the construction of buildings and homes in the city of Alghero. These now abandoned small quarries, resting at sea-level, are the perfect place to sunbathe or take a dip in the popular waters of the area.

If instead you prefer to relax on the soft, white, sandy beaches of the Lido of Alghero, you can simply follow the cycle path which winds along the promenade next to the sea, admiring the profile of Alghero's famous promontory at Capo Caccia, and reaching the touristic port in just a few minutes. Following this route you will find yourself along a strip of soft sand which serves as Alghero's public city beach. Continuing along this path beyond the pine grove of Maria Pia and its long sandy beach, you reach the outer hamlet of the city called Fertilia, a small centre built during Italy's Fascist period.

Fertilia was built in the vicinity of the Càlic Lagoon whose ecosystem, protected by the RAMSAR convention, is an important nesting site for birds and the point of departure for the Porto Conte Nature Reserve. After passing through this small centre, you can catch a glimpse of the famous beaches of Lazzareto and Le Bombarde, with their crystal-blue water and the abundant fish and sea life that live there.

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